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Pineapple Flow
formerly known as “Pineapple Flower Yoga”


This program takes the skills and movements from select Filipino folk dances to complement your movement  practice. There are three dances in particular whereby the use of props, enable the practitioner to explore the connection with mobility from a different perspective:

“Binasuan Series”
A dance that depicts a clever way of selling drinks in the market. To draw attention to their stall, the glasses are balanced on heads and held in their hands. Sometimes backbends are used to showcase the talent of the market  sellers. On stage, an ensemble of female dancers are often joined by male soloists who perform tricks similar to poses like Urdva Dhanurasana.

The Binasuan Series in Pineapple Flow connects the practitioner to Sukha & Sthira with slow, lengthened movements from seated to standing poses.

“Singkil Fan Series”
There are many versions of this folktale and the one that resonates with me most is the one I heard more recently. It is where Princess Gandingan is walking through the forest with her ladies in waiting. A storm erupts, the wind becomes fierce and the clapping of bamboo heightens. The grace and poise of the Princess, calms the storm as she and her entourage pass through the forest with ease. Fan play is used in this dance to depict the wind, sometimes they depict butterflies.

The Singkil Fan Series utilizes fan play to warm up the wrists and forearms for an arm balancing practice.

“Kappa Kappa Malong”
A malong is a tubular cloth that can be twisted, rolled, and folded into many different ways to support the wearer in their day-to-day activities. It can be worn as a skirt, rolled into a satchel to carry food, twisted into a pair of shorts, and even used as a turban to protect the scalp from the sun.

The Malong Series introduces this versatile tubular cloth as a prop in support of various poses like forward folds, reclined hand to big toe pose, dancers pose, and for the intermediate student the malong can be used to support the arms in forearm/handstands.




Ashtaerial Primary – Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

The Ashtaerial Primary consists of the foundational poses for Aerial Yoga to help students develop their practice to a place where they can calm the mind to allow the physical benefits of the practice to resonate. Rooted in the 8 Limbs of Yoga, Ashtaerial pays homage to a practice that has inspired hundreds of thousands of students. With the support of an aerial hammock, traditional mat poses ignite new perspectives which motivate students, brand new or seasoned, to connect deeper with their practice. The 50 hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training program can be applied to Continuing Education credits through Yoga Alliance.

Aerial Yoga at Century City Mall 2018.2


Next Level OM


Next Level OM is a specialty yoga retreat that features Acro Yoga, SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga) and Aerial Yoga. Join Steph & Kaye in Costa Rica this December 2-7 2019 – Visit to learn more!


In it’s fourth season, Live Breathe Yoga is a show dedicated to inspire your practice and elevate your mind, body and soul. Aired in English on Filipino TV* across Canada to over 100k subscribers, Live Breathe Yoga is the first of its kind to be shared on the community network.

Copy of Live Breathe Yoga feature image

With over 10 years of experience working in community lifestyle television programming, host and producer, Kaye Peñaflor, brings her passion for all things yoga in a series close to her heart. Not only does Kaye share yoga sequences in the show, she invites special guests to cover topics from ear candling, to sober partying, and from healthy recipes, to sacred sexuality.

Kaye is currently accepting requests for speaking engagements. Please complete a Speaker Request Form at your convenience. Should your request be a good fit and fall in line with Kaye’s schedule, your request will be considered and someone will be in touch within one week.

*Filipino TV is a division of Ethnic Channels Group – the world’s largest ethnic broadcaster