Kaye’s distinct teaching style has garnered a humble following from the Philippines, Hong Kong, New Zealand, India, the UK, the States, and of course, Canada. You will notice multiple styles of yoga and movement influence her classes.

In recent years, an enthusiasm for specialty yoga and movement practices evolved.

Aerial Yoga, for one, became a favourite initially due to its aesthetics. The beautiful lines the body makes is something that every student can attain through careful direction and the safety of the hammock’s support. Not known to many, but years ago the family doctor discovered a 10º curve in Kaye’s lumbar. A fracture in her C7 years later further disrupted the harmony along her spine. Aerial Yoga has been a practice that’s helped Kaye to find length and build strength safely in the muscles supporting the vertebrae. It is no wonder why Kaye’s love for aerial yoga grew to the point where she now has her own personal rig (pictured below).

Aerial Rig - Straddle



Acro Yoga was a natural progression from Aerial Yoga. The stability one attains, particularly as a base, balances Kaye’s flexibility with strength.

Croc with Steph


Learn more about Kaye’s practice at www.kaye.yoga