Proudly Filipina-Canadian and the founder of Ashtaerial, Kaye’s journey with yoga started with hot yoga and soon became a regular self care practice. She found that yoga opened the door to mindfulness and a connection back to her body, which motivated her to help others discover the same benefits. She pursued her education and became a certified yoga teacher, starting at Balance Life Yoga in Ajax, ON, then swiftly obtaining her certification as an aerial yoga teacher through Zero Gravity Aerial Yoga and P3 Yoga in Pickering. She further enhanced her skills by studying at Kranti Yoga School in Goa, India, and shortly after exploring the traditional practice of Ashtanga under the guidance of Sharath Jois in Mysore, India. Her areas of expertise include Vinyasa, Aerial, Pre & Postnatal Yoga, Acro Yoga, Yin & Restorative Yoga, and she recently added Functional Range Conditioning to her list of certifications.

Aerial Yoga pop-up at Camp Yoga 2022

With over a decade of experience as a serial yogipreneur, and Kaye’s experience spans the industry through her former company “”. She produced signature programs such as “Pineapple Flow” and hosted and produced the nationally televised series “Live Breathe Yoga” in English on Filipino TV. She also co-produced “Next Level OM”, a specialty yoga retreat featuring Aerial, SUP and Acro Yoga.

Photo by Jay Crews Photography for Duonamic

Kaye has been creatively connecting people with a stronger, healthier relationship with themselves since 2012 and has been fortunately featured as one of Canada’s Top Fitness Instructors 2023 in Impact Magazine.